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Having a rather narrow surface, of only 300 sq. kilometers, Bucegi Mountains display a wide range of geographic units: ice valleys, spectacular quays carved in limestone, astounding walls made up of conglomerates, where the acrobatic climbing can be practised, sharp towers, airy slabs that allows the climbing of the walls through sites of an unparalleled picturesque, weird formations dueto the differential erosion, such as Babele, the famous Sphinx, and many others.

The flora of Bucegi Mountains is very diversified, unparalleled by any other mountain. For those who want to photograph the flowers, the period between May and September can offer them stupendous views. Those who want to photograph bears, will have to dtay overnight in one of the sheep folds (June 1st September 15st), while the chamois can be seen all year round.

The impressive eastern steep ridges of Bucegi Mountains, with a hig ranging from 2507m Omu Peak to 2030m "Varful cu Dor", is towering above the right bank of the river. Here you can meet stupendous natural monuments, a various alpine flora and fauna, comprising the edelweiss, the mountain wild rose, bears, the capercaillie, the chamois and so on. The wild beauty of these places and the people's good in-nature, invite you to come and discover.


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